ATIA'S outline

By Size

  • 150+ Technologies, Products Developed & Commercialised.
  • Minimum Revenue of US$750,000,000.00  will be generated by 1st Year End.
  • 150+ J.V’s or New Businesses generated locally

By Quality

  • Highly Qualified, Proven Technologies and Products for commercial market.
  • Fully Synergised Benefits from multiple numbers of Technologies and Business In House.
  • Great number of New Platforms,  Concepts or Models of business created based on the Synergy.
  • Global Level of Work Force

By Service

  • Benefits to Local Business.
  • Benefits to Markets.
  • Benefits to Industries.
  • Benefits to Country’s Economy.
  • Benefits to Society.
  • Benefits to Environment.

Smart Building.

365 days@ 24 hours Exhibition Hall. 

Virtual and Remote Exhibition.

Smart Logistic In-N-out.

High Speed Communication.

Intelligent Security.

In-Building Amusement Facility.

Sports, Fitness and Clinics. .

State of Art Business Evironment