ATIA – Advance Technologies Innovative Alliance Sdn Bhd


Technology Development

Well experienced in-house technology developers to provide Technology Backup and Service.

Market Research

Our market research team does research and gathers data in a collaborative style with our clients to develop Smart Solutions, Processes and Data which are streamlined.

Business Development

We have a strong and experienced business development team which assists companies in Product Development, Designing, Marketing and Technical Advisory.

Promotion & advertising

We specialise in Creative and Innovative Promotion, Advertising Services via Digital and Tangible form. We are well connected Industries and Government Agencies.


Negotiation plays a vital part in business. We provide Experienced Negotiators with Business Marketing and Legal Background for our Smart Partners.

legal services

Our experienced legal team provides Legal, Consultancy, Advisory, and Litigation.

Intellectual property protection

We offer quality IP related services such as IP Registration, IP Litigation, IP Valuation and also assist in Enforcement.


We have a wide network of trusted Angel Investors, Venture capitalist, Crowd Funders and selected government agencies to fund our smart partners.


We have high volume of professional talent pool in our data base which can be utilised by our smart partners to upskill their services.