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XY Find It.

The XY4+ Bluetooth Item Finder is the most powerful Bluetooth Item finder on the market, with the longest range, loudest sound, and longest lasting battery! It lets you use your phone to quickly find the things you misplace most – your keys, the remote, or the kids’ backpacks. Lost your phone? The XY4+ can make it ring, even on silent. Find the things you misplace most like your keys, purse, phone, backpack or more with XY4+.

Here are a lot of options available that make finding your items much easier:

  • GEO-Locate. It’s easy to use your phone’s geo-location to find lost items. Just open up your app, and you’ll be able to locate items that are within 300 feet.
  • Hear. Yup, the XY4+ also has a sound alert that can help you locate your device through sound. All you need to do is to “sound the alarm,” and it will make a loud noise to help you find it. And when compared to the competition, this device is four times louder.
  • Ring. If you’ve lost your phone, chances are you’ve tried calling it to find it. There’s a setting that will make your phone ring louder. If you have silent on, you’ll even be able to make the phone ring.

These are  something that will blow your mind away and demonstrate why everyone needs to have XY Find It. Crowd GPS is a feature, or a network actually, that connects you to millions of others that have XY. When the network is out and about, they may find your device or be within distance. Imagine leaving your keys in the subway bathroom in New York. You could have lost them anywhere, and chances of you finding them are nil. You open your app, and the keys are nowhere to be found. But someone else with the XY is in the bathroom, and a signal has been logged and picked up. This is the power of the Crowd GPS Network. It’s an army of others that can help you find any of your lost items. Simple and effective.But let’s assume that you were really prepared. Using the New York example above, you may have switched on the “KeepNear” feature. The feature allows you to have an alert when you leave items behind. You’ll receive a separation alert whenever you walk away from an item. This allows you to be less forgetful. When going to a new country or a big city, imagine how helpful this feature could be. No one would ever lose their passport or other item when they have an alert. The battery life is also 5 years, so there’s very little risk of the battery dying. I’ve even attached this device to my Circa Charge because I tend to take it from one car to the next and forget where I put it.