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Company Incorporation


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Company incorporation

Each country has different regulations and nuances which regularly changes with its intertwined complexity. Navigating through these foreign regulations will be a demanding effort. You will definitely need a local partner to guide you and ATIA is ready to offer comprehensive and streamlined company incorporation services to set up your local entity here. Our staffs with extensive know-how knowledge will navigate professionally through complex legislation for you to run your business locally with ease and confidence.

Financial Support

Managing your finance when expanding globally can be a tedious task. Especially when dealing with the hoops and hassle of the local company financial regulations and requirements for setting up a foreign bank account in the country you would like to expand. ATIA will support you from the beginning with setting up your company accounts with local bank. With our wide and personal knowledge on finance regulatory, accounting and tax compliance requirements we guarantee fast and secured finance management for you.

Operational facilities

Being in the right location is a key ingredient in a business’s success and much attention need to be invested especially when expanding internationally. Location often plays a significant role in a company’s profit and overall success. Being located in Cyberjaya, the hub of innovation, your office will be at a strategic and prestigious location to run your business successfully.

Local smart partners

For your business to be successful internationally, a customer base is necessary. ATIA with its tailored approach will help you develop personal ties locally and for the ease of product localization. We will reach out to the customer base your business needs.

R&D Smart partners / OEM Partners / COE

With the rapidly expanding global knowledge networks, companies must establish a presence globally at a number of locations to access new knowledge and to absorb new research results from foreign universities and competitors into their own organizations. Establishing global R&D networks is important to strengthen your competitive edge.Our professionals with nationwide ties with research institutes and universities. will support you from the beginning in compliance with local laws until the establishment of your center locally.

Commercialisation and market penetration

A thorough knowledge and connection with local market base is important for the profitable commercialisation of your business. Finding customers in a place where your brand has no name recognition will be struggle but successful commercialisation is the stepping stone for market penetration locally. We are here to make that success achievable for you with our expertise and local knowledge of know-who.

IP Registration and protection

When a business is establishing its presence in the global marketplace, protecting and managing its intellectual property is critical as it can mean the difference between success or failure. Without IP protection, you could end up spending a lot more money in defending against someone else or even rebranding, and miss out on commercial opportunities. IP regulations differs accordingly to countries and our IP experts IN ATIA will handle all the complex IP issues for you so you can focus on growth related opportunities.

Talent management

Every country has its own laws for employment, immigration, taxation, pensions and benefits, and in some cases the rules are different for different countries. Recruiting and interviewing takes on a new dimension of importance with foreign workers, with the added challenge of time differences and using virtual communication. ATIA will take over the stress of scouting talent for you locally in your new market. We have a wide array of talent pool to select the right employee for your business.

Atia & tinysun collaboration

TINYSUN (M) SDN BHD has embarked on their next phase of expanding their market by signing a JV with ATIA. ATIA will accelerate the commercialisation of TINYSUN technology,the first movable green incubator to penetrate the ASEAN market through this JV.

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