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The Real Air Sterilizer

Kairvac is an unique air sterilizer with a patented technology where it volatilizes the natural sterilizer ions which emitted from the photocatalytic oxidation into the air in an indoor space of approximately 100 meter square or 250 meter cubic. It eliminates silently and sterilizes safely the surroundings from viruses like SARS, MERS and Covid-19. It also banishes bacteria and fungus from the air and on the surfaces. KairVac leads the market unlike other air purifiers or sterilizers where they vacuum and blow the new air after filtering or sterilizing in the device.

Air Sterilizing by OH Radical


  • Emits active ions from photocatalytic oxidation system .
  • Volatilize into an indoor atmosphere.
  • Covers Approximately 250 m3 ( Cubic Meter) / 100 m2 ( Square Meter ) 1070 Ft2 (Square Feet)
  • Destroy pathogens in the air & on the surface. ( Virus, Bacteria and Fungus )
  • Cleans Pollutants
  • No Chemical agents
  • No Harmful substance
  • 100% Safe on Human body


Model No. KSV-1000
Input Voltage AC110 – 220, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Rated Output DC24V 5A
Cover Area Approx. 100m2 Square Meter | 250 m3 ( Cubic Meter)
Weight 13Kg
Dimension 500(L) x 140(W) x 405(H)

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