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FORSEAA ‘Forum of Small Medium Economics AFRICA ASEAN’ is an inter-governmental forum, aim to harness the Small Medium Economics between AFRICA and ASEAN and to build alliances to wide arrays of market from various parts of the world, to expand the market, to enhance design and branding image, to improve competitiveness and access to capital and advocacy of sovereign policy.

FORSEAA was initiated on 26th September 2012 by the Government of Seychelles and Indonesia in the presence of the respective foreign mission from the AFRICA and ASEAN nations at Jakarta, Indonesia.

FORSEAA Charter was adopted on 04th March 2014 by the respective founder member countries from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao, Myanmar, Nigeria, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Zimbabwe and has been ratified by Regulation of Minister of Cooperative and Small Medium Economics Republic of Indonesia No.29/Kep/M.KUKM/IX/2014

FORSEAA permanent secretariat is based in Jakarta and responsible to administer and organize the smooth running of the initiatives and programs to reveal a new potential development of the economic powers through Small Medium Economics of AFRICA and ASEAN.dated September 29, 2014.

FORSEAA memberships are free and open to:

MEMBERS (national, regional and local government) 

AFFILIATES (international organization, association, academic, professional)

PARTNERS (corporate, business, financial institution, media)

Mr. Raguraman was invited as one of the main speaker in Hanoi Innovation Summit

hanoi innovation summit

Mr.Raguraman Gurusamy is invited as one the speaker in Hanoi Innovation summit 2019 to share his knowledge on Sustainable Smart Farming. 

 Hanoi Innovation Summit gathers the most inspiring Tech experts on stage to share their thoughts on 6 trending global innovation themes : Environment, Mobility & Logistics, Smart Cities, Life Sciences, Future of Work, Consumer Technologies. The summit rallies startups, entrepreneurs and leaders to celebrate the next generation of innovators.

Learn more about the summit by clicking the link below: