Why malaysia?

Why Malaysia

Malaysia offers a wide and rapidly growing consumer base with its strategic location in the Asia Pacific Rim and it offers an easy business access to 630 million population with the ASEAN countries surrounding it.

Malaysia ranking in business

  1.  15st In business regulations and ease of doing business among 190 economies wrldwide – World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 Report
  2.  2nd in Southeast Asia & 12th out of 19 countries for trade connectivity – DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) report
  3. 15th & 28th in depth and breath respectively for global connectedness- DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) report
  4. 22nd in most competitive nation among 63 countries – World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) 2019 published by IMD World Competitiveness Centre
  5. 35th in Global Innovation Index out of 126 countries

business friendly environment

Malaysia is the ideal hub to for international business expansion with its conducive business environment. Malaysia has to date attracted more than 5,000 foreign companies from more than 40 countries to establish their operations in the country. These companies have diversified the business in Malaysia reflecting their confidence in Malaysia as a profitable destination. Malaysia offers low cost operation for compared to other regions and many policies are developed to shape Malaysia as a hub for R&D , business support services and shared services.

quality workforce

Malaysia is abundant with skilled, knowledgeable and productive workforce. Government’s continuous effort in improving labour market efficiency to accelerate economic growth has guaranteed continuous supply of quality human resource for diverse work sectors. This efficient and inclusive labour market is one of the best in the region.

strong connectivity & excellent infrastructure

Malaysia is efficient in its accessibility with its first-rate network of highways which encourages connectivity and trade across the country with ease which begins from cross border highway links from neighboring Singapore right up to Thailand. In term of internet connectivity, Malaysia has invested heavily in telecommunication and internet infrastructure surpassing many countries in the region with its efficiency and connectedness.

world class education system

Malaysia is present with a wide array of world class education selection . There are private schools and homeschooling with a wide range of curriculum for you to choose which suits with your child’s need. Many international schools which offers a wide range of curriculum in French, Japanese, British, American, Australian, German and Arabic. There are also many world renowned universities such as University Malaya, Monash and many more with a fraction of the cost of having to go aboard!

pro business government policies

Malaysia has adapted the best tax structures to be tax-saving haven for international businesses expanding into Malaysia. To encourage foreign investments, Malaysia has entered into double taxation agreement (exempt foreign-source income tax) with more than 70 countries. This is advantageous for corporations who wish to tap into Malaysian market where you will be able to save in tax payment and maximise your profit

affordable health care system

Malaysia ranks 1st in the Best Healthcare in the World category of the 2019 International Living Annual Global Retirement Index. Malaysia’s flourishing medical tourism industry is a testament to the quality and affordability of health care service in Malaysia with its sophisticated infrastructure. The presence of so many medical schools support the general belief that Malaysia is serious about providing quality healthcare, not only to its citizens, but also to tourists and expatriates.

the friendly people of malaysia

Malaysia is among the most friendly and hospitable places in the world work and live. You and your family will enjoy a safe and comfortable living here with 21st century amenities, good healthcare and medical facilities, world class education and high-quality facilities at prices much lower compared to other neighboring countries. The mixture of diverse culture and heritage has made Malaysians well-known for their hospitality and friendliness to each other as well to foreigners visiting the country.

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